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Since Feb 16/2000

Photo by Jimmy Katz


Photo by Jack Fricsh

Yosuke Inoue

 Abraham Burton(sax)
Ron Affif(gut)
Luis Perdomo(p)

Feb20 2002 released

Song List

1.Purple Haze
2.Alone Together
3.All Blues
4.Memory Of
6.Donna Lee
8.My One And Only Lone
9.So What
10.Air On The G Strings


As a Leader

"Drifting Inward"(M&I)2000
"Speak Up"1997(Baybridge)

As a sideman

Fumio Karashima"The Elysian Air";2002
Eshin Nose"Here Now Hear";2001
Abraham Burton&Eric McPherson"Cause And Effect"(enja);1999
Matt Wilson"Simile"(palmetto);1999
Matt Wilson"Going Once Going Twice"(palmetto);1998


Yosuke Inoue(Bass/Composer) Yosuke Inoue was born in 1964 in Osaka Japan.He was Graduated from Osaka College of Music with a dgree in comosition.A sensitive and confident bassist,Mr.Inoue has earned a reputation as an outstanding musician and garnered the respect of his peers in the jazz community

. Yosuke Inoue has worked with such notable musicians as Hank Jones , Carmen Lundy, Eddie Daniels(Recording for JVC),Terumasa Hino,Cyrus Chesnut, Norman Simmons,Don Friedman,Benny Wallace,Greorge Garzone,Dewey Redman ,Junior Mance,David Liebman ,Lee Konitz, Etc.

Mr.Inoue made his debut as leader with the album"INSIDE OUT"(Paddle Wheel Records,1992).His group has performed at some of New York's finest jazz nightclubs,including The Blue Note and Sweet Basil's

In 1997 Yosuke Inoue made a first leader album under his own name titled"Speak Up"(Teichiku Records) and toured with same group as recording.His group also played at Canegie Hall in New York in 1998.

In 1998 he had a recording with Hank Jones for Teichiku Records.

In 2000 Yosuke Inoue made a second leader album under his own name and Abraham Burton titled"Drifting Inward"(M&I Records) and toured with same group as recording.His group all over the world.

In 2002 Yosuke Inoue made a third leader album under his own name titled"Peace"(M&I Records) .

Mr Inoue is currently plerforming with several of jazz's top artists,including Michael Carvin,Terumasa Hino,Abraham Burton and Matt Wilson.

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